Easy-to-use fair human intelligence microtasking
Choose from a wide range of on-demand tasks such as information gathering, data labeling or data clean-up
How it works
Nampi fulfills the needs of businesses and institutions by connecting them with the most optimal subset of the distributed collective workforce capable of solving Human Intelligence Tasks, such as data labeling, cleaning and verification. The system of data flow built on smart contracts ensures lower fees, fair pay, and transparent conflict resolution between parties.
How it works
As a worker, what tasks can I do?
Side-by-side comparison pictures, webpages, search results or user interfaces
Apply various criteria to compare and pick the best option.
Evaluation of a webpage, image or video related to a search query
Examine a search query and its responses and determine how relevant it is to users.
Transcription of text & audio
Transcribe optical character recognition from host documents such as image, video, and audio to help faciliatate core business processes
Internet information search
Find the official website or an organization, add missing details to a product page or collect pictures for a particular topic.
Join the workforce of Nampi
Solve problems and earn additional income easily and fairly