Distributed workforce for faster & easier data collection, labeling and verification
With Nampi, you can crowdsource your business processes and jobs to a virtual collective intelligence of workers
How it works
Nampi fulfills the needs of businesses and institutions by connecting them with the most optimal subset of the distributed collective workforce capable of solving Human Intelligence Tasks, such as data labeling, cleaning and verification. The system of data flow built on smart contracts ensures lower fees, fair pay, and transparent conflict resolution between parties.
How it works
What tasks can Nampi do for my company?
Comparisons of pictures, webpages, search results or user interfaces
Let the crowd decide the best option for your business according to your defined criteria.
Analyzing and evaluating search queries related to your business
Find insights about how well your business performs in search engines, catalogues, and aggregators.
Transcription of text & audio
Order a high-quality transcription of documents such as image, video, and audio to help facilitate core business processes
Internet information search
Conduct competitor analisys or gather valuable business information.
Leverage the workforce of Nampi in your business
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